Configurable for your business


Evolve how you do work

CompetitionLabs is an open platform that allows business specific configuration to be achieved together.  CompetitionLabs core features support sector activity across health, insurance, IoT, gaming and more.

Bring all your data together

Imagine easily pulling together all of your data sources in a single ready-for-action control point. Bring legacy and new data from any source together without changing your systems.



A powerful & easy to use decision engine

Bring your business logic out of code and make it visible and actionable for your teams. Quickly and easily build business rules, implement informed decisions & create smarter activity.

Create new approaches and journeys

Unlock and create new options that evolve how you interact in your channels of engagement. Increase engagement, loyalty or journey performance across people and systems.



We've rethought how engagement should be: easy to setup, easy to manage, no disruption and providing real-time engagement for your customers.

Start engaging your customers better