Gaming Operator


Promote your whole portfolio

Leverage your whole portfolio across all gaming suppliers and game types. Run multiple competitions, contests and rewards whenever you want. Deliver high ROI promotions.

Do it your way

Create new ways to engage players using event data from games, customers, or channels. Build innovative promotions and achievements that increase active days.



Powerful promotion system

Setup and manage competitions, contests, leaderboards, and achievements quickly and easily with no development needed.

Take action without development

CompetitionLabs has been built to reduce or remove coding so you can take action quicker with less effort at the scale you need. Take action in minutes.



Compliments your CRM

Use your existing customer segments or create new ones. Engage your whole customer base or target specific segments any way you like.


CompetitionLabs automatically updates in real-time and can send visually engaging achievements and deliver smart in-browser notifications on your website or to your apps.



 We've rethought engagement: easy to setup, easy to manage, no disruption and with real-time engagement for your customers. 

Start engaging your customers better