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A created Competition is always put in the Ready sub-menu in the CompetitionLabs platform, as shown in the example above.

What can you do with a created Competition?

Navigate to Competitions → Ready and press on the created Competition’s Id to see information about a competition.

1. Competition state
  • Ready –  a competition that has not started. When a contest is created in a Ready competition, the contest start and end dates are identical to those of the competition.
  • Active – a competition is live and running. A competition can be Active even without a contest in it.
  • Cancelled – a cancelled competition is almost the same as deleted, except that all information is archived in its own field and folder.
  • Finished – when a competition has run for its duration and finished successfully.
2. Competition manual state change active action buttons
It is possible to manually Start or Cancel a competition.
  • Start – A competition can be started before the auto-start time, extending its duration, e.g. If a competition is set to start at 12:00 and end at 13:00, you can manually start it at 11:45, so that it runs from 11:45 to 13:00 (1 hour and 15 minutes).
  • Cancel – A competition can be cancelled in any state.
When a competition is Cancelled, it cannot become Ready, Active or Finished
3. Contest preview screen
This screen lists the rounds and contests, so you can preview all the contests created.
4. Entrants preview screen
In the Entrants section, you can see who is eligible to participate in the Competition.

5. Translations preview screen
This shows information that was translated in a competition.
6. Metadata preview screen
This shows Metadata information for your reference.
7. Competition leaderboard
You can check the Competition leaderboard, which is active when a contest is present.
8. Contest creation action button
Creates Contests within a Competition. Many Contests can be created in each round.
You cannot create a contest in a Cancelled competition

Via API you can create a Competition, delete a Competition, preview the created competition and so on. You can read more about the Competitions available API resources here.

Basic Competition APP API resources
GET /api/:space/competitions

GET /api/:space/competitions/:id

PUT /api/:space/competitions/:id/manage/Ready

PUT /api/:space/competitions/:id/manage/Start

PUT /api/:space/competitions/:id/manage/Cancel

PUT /api/:space/competitions/:id/manage/Finish

DELETE /api/:space/competitions/:id

POST /api/:space/competitions

The buttons shown in the screen above are:

  • Launch Competition – manually starts a Competition, which automatically moves it to the Active sub-menu of the CompetitionLabs platform.
  • Cancel Competition – manually cancels a Competition, which automatically moves it to the Cancelled sub-menu.
  • Competition Leaderboard – lets you preview the members participated in a Competition.
  • Add contest – lets you create a Contest within a Competition. You can read about Contest creation in the Contest section.
  • Contest Preview – shows all the contests you have created.
  • Entrants – shows all the members that are eligible to participate in a Competition.
  • Translations – shows all the languages added, and translated details in a Competition.
  • Metadata – shows information added for your reference.
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