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In this step, you select the Product (i.e. game) that is used for a Competition, and how many rounds the Competition will have.



» Product Array[Object]


Select a Product to use for the Competition. It is possible to select multiple Products in one Competition.

You can read more about Product creation at Academy basics -> Products, or here.

» Number of rounds Integer


The number of rounds a player needs to play in a specific product/game.

A round could be a day (how many days will be played) or contest ‘tree’ in which players play against each other. The default is 1 Round. In each round, a new contest or contests can be created, with different rewards.

When a Competition is created with a pre-defined number of Rounds, this cannot be changed later

APP Example:

ProductThe Fruits
Number of rounds1 Round

API Example:

    "jsonClass": "Competition",    

    "numberOfRounds": 1,
    "products": [
            "jsonClass": "Product",
            "name": "The Fruits",
            "productType": "Slot",
            "accountId": "E8jwdGsBmxo4zyGh9Hs7",
            "description": "Demo Fruits slot product",
            "adjustmentFactor": 1.0,
            "productRefId": "fruits",
            "actionAdjustmentFactors": [],
            "productGroups": [
            "metadata": [],
            "created": "2019-06-20T12:51:19.668+00:00",
            "id": "GsjwdGsBmxo4zyGh_3v0"


The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Competition can be found in the Competitions APP API documentation here

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