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When you have created a Contest, it looks like the example shown.

What can you do with a created Contest?


Once a Contest is created you can still change/edit the information in it.

You can edit all the information in the Contest as long as it is in Not Started state.

Canceling the Contest means that the Contest is being moved to a Canceled state. You can not erase the created Contest from the system that means you can always access the previous created Contest from the archive.

Once a Contest is in a Cancelled state it can not go back to the Not started state or Active state.

Accessing the created Competition gives you information about Contest:

  1. The Name of the Contest
  2. What Round type it has
  3. How many rounds does the Competition has
  4. You can preview all the created contests
  5. Preview the Entrants of the Contest
Manual state change
You can manually Start or Cancel the Contest.

Icon action buttons

A created Contest has Active action icon buttons.

The buttons that are used in the created Contest are explained as follows.

  • Start is used to manually start the Contest.
  • End is used to manually stop the Contest.
  • Finalise is used to manually finalise the Contest.
  • Rules Preview is used to check the rules for the contest.
  • Options lets you Download Scores and Preview Leaderboard. 
  • Cancel lets you cancel the contest so that it doesn’t run in the Competition.

You can not end or cancel a Competition when a Contests within that Competition is Active. You can not create a contest within a Canceled competition.

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