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The Entrants settings define who can participate in the Competition and the Contest. Information about Entrants, Limitations, Terms & Conditions are inputted here.



» Member group eligibility Object


Selecting groups of entrants that will or will not participate in the competition. By not selecting any entrants the default is ALL registered members.

If you want to utilize all the possibilities of member group participation, you can read about it in Member group eligibility section here.

If you are interested in how to create members, in the APP navigate to Members → Members List to create Members and add them to groups. You can read more about member creation here.

» *Should match at least Integer


*This section appears only when in “Member group eligibility” field the rule Should was implemented within the member groups.

When only 1 Should group was selected in the “Member group eligibility” field the group automatically is converted into a Must rule when you move on to the next steps.

**When 2 or more Should member groups were selected then the “Should match at least” the field required becomes mandatory

» Automatically register members for this competition Boolean


Select whether the participants “do not require” to register or they are “required” to register.
  • Yes – does not require to register for the competition manually. The members are automatically registered.
  • No – requires members to register for the competition manually. The members are NOT automatically registered.

Default is “yes” and that means it “does not require” to register.


» Terms and Conditions String


The terms and conditions of the competition for the player to see in the leaderboard.
Leaving the terms and conditions box blank hides the terms and conditions displayed in the example Leaderboard sample JavaScript

APP Example:

Member group eligibility: MustWinter
Member group eligibility: ShouldBeginner, Begginer2
Member group eligibility: Must-notVIP
Should match at least1
Automatically register
members for this
Terms & ConditionsLog in and play!

API Example:

               "jsonClass": "Competition",    

               "options": {
               "includeEntrantsWhere": {
                    "filters": [],
                    "must": [
                    "mustNot": [
                    "should": [
                    "shouldMatchAtLeast": 1
            "optinRequiredForEntrants": false,    
            "termsConditions": "Log in and play!",

The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Competition can be found in the Competitions APP API documentation here

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