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Contest Rewards let you trigger a Reward for players based on their leaderboard rank. Rewards can only be created within a Contest. Setting a Reward is optional. You can create multiple rewards in a Contest. 

To create a Reward, click Add and fill out the rewards information as in the screen example. 

To create a reward that will be issued to the player you need to fill out the details. Information like Name and Description is for the player to see when he or she receives the reward. Other information like Rank, Value, expires in, etc. configures the Reward.

REWARD fields


» Name String


The Name of the Reward. This is intended to be exposed to the player via the front end.
» Rank Double


A specific position or a list of positions that will be used to award players based on their position in the leaderboard.
» Value Double


A Reward value. For example, if the Reward is intended to be 5 free spins, then you would enter 5 for the value.
» Type String


Select a reward type that you pre created. Reward types are used for categorization and automation.


Reward types can be created in Settings → Reward Types. How to create Reward types you can read about it here.

» Description String


The description of the Reward. This is intended to be exposed via the front end to the player.


» Expires In Integer


The numerical value in how many minutes the reward notification will expire after the reward is Issued. You can use this to configure time-limited Rewards that are displayed to the player.


» Expires on a specific date DateTime


Date and time that indicates when the reward will not be issued anymore.


Please note that the feature “Expires In” and “Expires on a specific date” these two parameters can not be selected together. Only one parameter out of the two can be selected.

» Acknowledgement to issue required Boolean


Specify if the Reward is issued immediately/automatically, or if the Reward must be claimed manually.


You can build a front end experience for customers to claim Rewards using the Public API. See Claim Member Award by Reference ID POST api/v1/:space/members/reference/:memberRefId/award/:awardId/award

» Metadata Array[Object]


Optional information for your backend systems.


APP Example:

NameFree Spin
DescriptionYou get 1 Free spin!
Expires inN/A
Expires on a specific dateN/A
Acknowledgement to
issue required
Metadata: KeyLogin
Metadata: Value1

API Example:

  "rewards": [
    "jsonClass": "Reward",
    "entityId": "IucyuWwBNwtlnqmJLNbJ",
    "rewardRank": [
    "rewardName": "Free spin!",
    "value": 1.0,
    "rewardType": "FsjwdGsBmxo4zyGh_nsK",
    "description": "You get 1 free spin if you win!",
    "delay": 0,
    "memberAcknowledgmentRequired": false,
    "metadata": [
       "jsonClass": "Metadata",
       "key": "Win",
       "value": "1"
    "accountId": "E8jwdGsBmxo4zyGh9Hs7",
    "pointInTime": "2019-08-22T11:59:29.581+00:00",
    "period": 0,
    "created": "2019-08-22T11:59:29.586+00:00",
    "id": "YwsyuWwBCyJvIjn8L7Yy",
    "translations": {},
       "translatableFields": [
    "rewardTypeObject": {
        "jsonClass": "RewardType",
        "name": "Badge",
        "key": "badge",
        "description": "",
        "accountId": "E8jwdGsBmxo4zyGh9Hs7",
        "system": true,
        "metadata": [],
        "created": "2019-06-20T12:51:19.178+00:00",
        "id": "FsjwdGsBmxo4zyGh_nsK"

The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Contest can be found in the Contest APP API documentation here

CONTINUE – Click Save to create the Reward in the Contest.

An example is shown below how a created Reward looks.

You can then use the action buttons:

  • Reward details lets you preview what kind of reward is created.
  • Edit lets you edit the Reward.
  • Delete lets you delete a Reward.

PREVIOUS – Click Previous and go back to the previous step.

CONTINUE – Click Next and continue to the next step.

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