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Achievement An Achievement is the accomplishment of a task by a member which utilises an event or a combination of events from your data stream. This accomplishment can happen at any time and/or touch point where a member is interacting with your products or services.
API Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows for applications and systems to communicate with one another.
Append group Updates or assigns a member to an existing member group(s) or can add the Member to a new Member Group. 
Action Helper An Action Helper allows you to pre-create an action based on events from your product data stream, which can be used to create a scoring rule for Tournaments and/or Achievements. Action Helpers can also be assigned specific images which in turn can be exposed to the Member.
Adjustment Factor A multiplier that can be applied to the source values of received Action Helper events. This allows you to weight the value of an Action Helper in your scoring mechanism(s) to normalise the events.


Boolean Flag Is a system of Algebraic notation that is used to create logical propositions by means of the binary statements False (0) and True (1). Boolean expressions use the operators AND, OR, XOR and NOT to compare values and return a true or false result.


Collaborator A collaborator is a sub-user of your CompetitionLabs account that can create activity, perform changes and complete other admin related tasks. Collaborators can have the same or reduced permissions as the master account holder.
Competition A Competition is a collection of Contests/Tournaments that players can participate in. Competitions can include as many or as few Contests as required. It can also be thought of as the wrapper around a Contest, instructing, Widgets, Landing Pages and Microsites when to go live and when to go offline, for example.
Contest A Contest in CompetitionLabs is a single promotion based on a single scoring event or a combination of scoring events. A Contest can take many forms, such as Tournaments, Leaderboards, Leagues, Points targets, Achievements, Objectives and Events.
Customer See ‘Member’


Event Any Product generated data point that is submitted to CompetitionLabs and can be used as an Action Helper. 
Event Consumer A configuration that allows you to connect to external event queues, and consume data from those queues and add the data directly into the event stream. N.B. an Event Consumer requires a Transformer. See also: ‘Transformer’
Event Points Value The points value of the event used for scoring mechanisms in Contests. Event Points Value can also have an Adjustment Factor multiplier applied to it.
Event Source Value Is the actual numerical value related to an Event received from a product.


ISO code A two or three letter alpha or numeric code which delineates currency designators and country codes. For example, the ISO currency code for the British Pound is ‘GBP’ and the country code is GB’.


Kafka An open-source data stream-processing software platform written in Scala and Java.


Leaderboard An online scoreboard or rankings list showing all members and their current score in a given Tournament/Contest.
League Consists of a group of members which play competitions/contests against each other over a nominated period to form a league.
Language The default language of a Country or Member, denoted by a two character ISO country code. For example, Germany would have German as the default language and a ‘DE’ country code.


Messaging queues See ‘Event Consumers’
Metadata A data set that describes and gives information about the unseen elements of another set of related data. Can be used to directly communicate website information. For example, metadata can control which version of a widget is displayed to members.
Member A Member, or a player/customer depending on your internal terminology, is the unique entity that scoring events are grouped by for Leaderboards. A Member must exist in the system to be included in Competitions, Contests and Achievements. The Member section of CompetitionLabs let you add, edit, and remove Members as well as send messages to Members.
Member Group A set of members grouped together under a pre-created Member Group and allows for quick selection of ‘like’ members for activity creation. Typically members are grouped together based on similar characteristics such as value or playing days. For example, high value members might all be grouped under a ‘VIP’ member group.
Mission A sequence of two or more Achievements chained together to create an overall Mission. Individual achievements can be independent of each other or inter-dependencies between Achievements can be created. For example, a Wager Achievement could be dependent upon the member first making a deposit or, indeed, they can be desperate events.


Product A game entity within a product vertical such as a Slot Machine, Table Game, a Betting Market, Poker Tournament or a Role Playing Game, for example. 
Public API It is a publicly accessible resource of data, decorated in a JSON format for developers to utilise.
Points The value assigned to a member via a Scoring Mechanism from a certain Product.
Prize The reward that is on offer for finishing in a certain position on a tournament leaderboard or for completing an Achievement or Mission.


Rabbit MQ A message broker or queue manager that allows applications to connect to it.  
Reward See ‘Prize’ 
Rules A logical system when something must be completed first or in a set order, or other configuration for the rules to be valid and progressive.
Round An individual Contest within a group of Contests. Typically later Rounds will have a dependency on the preceding rounds.


Space Your organisation’s back office space where you can configure admin and production settings and create and manage activities such as Tournaments or Achievements. Typically an organisation will have two Spaces: Production and Staging.
String It is a sequence of characters, for example, “Hello” is a string of five characters.


Tournaments A Contest or a series of contests between a number of competitors, competing for an overall prize or prizes. See also: ‘Competition’
Transformers CompetitionLabs Transformers allow for integration with the CompetitionLabs platform without having to make modifications to your message formats on your back-end systems. Using the CompetitionLabs Transformers, you can send a message to CompetitionLabs in your current format, transform the message into a form that can be accepted by the CompetitionLabs API, and push that message to CompetitionLabs.


User Is a collaborator that can use the CL APP.
UTC Coordinated Universal Time is the primary time standard by which the CompetitionLabs platform regulates clocks and time. All settings and configurations within the CompetitionLabs back office relating to time use the UTC standard.

N.B. UTC is not a Time Zone, rather a Time Standard, and it is not adjusted for daylight saving time.

UUID string Universal Unique Identifier – is a number used to uniquely identify some object or entity.


Web Assets Public or private web content hosted within CompetitionLabs’ back office that can be reused in any given time example: widgets, microsites, images, static html websites, java script
Webhooks Allows communication between systems i.e. CompetitionLabs Webhooks allow you to receive notifications when a specific event occurs in the CompetitionLabs system.

Webhooks can be created for a variety of triggers from events within the CompetitionLabs system. 

Widget A customer-facing interface that provides Members with quick access to information relating to their current activities, such as current Tournament position, Member Inbox/Messages and Achievements.
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