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Please be aware – high level environment configuration. Use only if you know what you are doing.

A collaborator in CompetitionLabs is a user that can do changes, add events and do other things with you on your created account. Depending on the Role a collaborator can have full access to the account or have restrictions. To add a collaborator to the list you need to press Add Collaborator as shown in the example. You can read about the Collaborator creation by navigating to Settings -> Collaborators -> Collaborator creation or quickly navigating by pressing on the link here.

The icon buttons that are used in the Collaborators section are explained as follows.

  • Add Collaborator lets you add a collaborator that is already created in the CompetitionLabs system or create a new one within this section. The collaborator is added by his or her email that was provided when created.
  • Create New User by navigating to the Add Collaborator action icon it lets you create a new collaborator if he doesn’t exist in the system.
  • Create User lets you create the collaborator that you were creating. If the information is filled out incorrectly then you can not create and the fields that are incorrect will be highlighted red.
  • Close means that you want to cancel whatever you are creating. By pressing Close you do not get an additional pop up of asking if you want to close so the information that was input will be deleted and will not be restored so whatever you wrote you have to do it again.
  • Delete lets you delete the created collaborator from the list of existing collaborators in your space. It does not delete the user from our system.
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