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Please be aware – high level environment configuration. Use only if you know what you are doing.

CompetitionLabs Transformers are a recommended way to integrate with the CompetitionLabs platform without having to make modifications to your message formats on your back-end systems. Using the CompetitionLabs Transformers, you can send a message to CompetitionLabs in your current format, transform the message into a form that can be accepted by the CompetitionLabs API, and push that message to CompetitionLabs. You can also transform messages before they are POSTed to your system via the CompetitionLabs WebHooks. To create a transformer you press on Add Transformer as shown in the example. You can read about the Transformer creation by navigating to Settings -> Transformers -> Transformer creation or quickly navigating by pressing on the link here.

The icon buttons that are used in the Transformers section are explained as follows.

  • Add Transformer lets you start adding transformers to the list.
  • Save lets you create the transformer or lets you save the created code in the Code edit section.
  • Close means that you want to cancel whatever you are creating. By pressing Close you do not get an additional pop up of asking if you want to close so the information that was input will be deleted and will not be restored so whatever you wrote you have to do it again.
  • Edit lets you edit the label of the transformer.
  • Code edit lets you write down you own code for the transformer. You can read more about in the Transformers (developers) section.
  • Delete lets you delete the created transformer from the list.
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