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Step 1: Transformer creation

By pressing Add Transformer navigates you to a new pop up window as shown in the example below where you fill out the new transformers label.

Transformer creation fields

Name String
The label of the transformer.

When you press the icon button Save the transformer will be saved.

If you did all the steps correctly the Transformer should be created in the Settings → Transformers and shown as in an example. After creation you can Edit the transformer, you can Edit the code of the transformer or Delete it from the list.

Step 2: Writing code for the transformer

If you want to start writing down your transformers code then press on Code edit action icon button and a new pop up window appears where you can write down your code as shown in the example.


Step 3: Event Consumer creation

Next you need to navigate to Event consumers. From there you start by Adding a consumer config. A new pop up window appears as shown in the example where you fill out the new Consumer information.


Fill out all the information and in the Transformers field select the Kafka Transformer. If all the information is filled out correctly – by pressing save the event consumer is created.

You can read more about the Event Consumer creation fields by navigating to Settings -> Event Consumers -> Event Consumer Creation or pressing on the link here.

Step 4: Checking if the data is flowing

The Event Consumer is in Stop state by default. If the event Consumer is Active you can stop it anytime.

If you want to Activate your Event consumer press Play and you will see the events being stream in the Insights section.

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