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Web Assets allows to host public or private web content that can be reused in any given time example: widgets, banner images, static html websites, java script etc. If you go to the CompetitionLabs platforms Web Assets you will see a list of Web Assets that you have created as in the example shown bellow. To create a Web Asset you press on Create as shown in the example.

Web Assets section Icon action buttons

The icon buttons that are used in the Web Assets section are explained as follows.

  • Edit Lets you edit the Web Asset even if it is in Live or Pending state.
  • Edit Files gives you the ability to manually upload HTML files.
  • Delete lets you delete the Web asset.
  • Create lets you create a Web asset. Depending on the creation the web asset is put into the Live or Not Live category.

Web Assets creation

By pressing Create navigates you to a new pop up window as shown in the example below where you fill out the new web assets information. 

The information that you have to fill out to create a Web Asset is documented below. Some fields are mandatory some are optional. 



Name String

It’s a repository for web application files such as CSS, java script, html.

Description String

An explanatory field of the Web Asset..

Category String

To give a Web Asset a category name and later on to be able to filter the web assets by category or categories.

Status Enum

Picking the state of the Web Asset either it will be in Live state or Pending.

Start Date DateTime

Picking out the date (day/month/year) and time (hour:minute wise) when the Web Asset will start UTC time..

End Date DateTime

Picking out the date (day/month/year) and time (hour:minute wise) when the Web Asset will end UTC time.

After you click the icon button Save you are taken to a new pop up window. Here you can upload HTML files and Save as template for later use.

When a Web Asset is created you can use action buttons that are shown below to edit the web asset, edit the files in it and to delete it. It doesn’t matter if the Web Asset is in Live or Pending state – editing it is always possible.

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