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When a Competition is created, a contest must also be created to make an event in which members/players can participate, get points, compete with other players, see their rank and win rewards. An event is considered Live when the Competition and Contest/s are both in Active state.

It is only possible to participate, get points and win in an Active event.


A Contest leaderboard shows the points received by participating players. Players need to meet the Contest rules criteria to participate and be shown in the Contest Leaderboard. The screenshot below shows an example of a Contest Leaderboard.

In the live leaderboard example, Player 1 participating in the contest got 1 point for conforming to the rules. The leaderboard is live, so points gained are automatically registered.


In a live environment, it is also possible to preview the scores of players and see more detailed information on them, e.g. their names, ranks, reference ID and Competition activities, CL member ID, points, and the reward they will get when the contest is finalised and rewards are issued.


When a contest is Finished, players who participated cannot send any more data or receive points. A contest goes into Finalisation state when the last data sent is entered in the scores preview on the leaderboard. When a contest is Finalised, it is possible to download the scores of all players in a CSV file format, as a basis for making decisions.

As shown in the example, the scores export shows the Contest Id, members’ Id’s, Ref Id’s, names, points, rank, and groups in which they are registered. The Rewards column is used to issue the specified contest rewards.

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