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To create a Product in the CompetitionLabs Applications menu bar, press Add product and fill in all the product information in the pop-up window. Some fields are mandatory and others are optional. You can check which fields are mandatory in our API documentation of Product.

Product creation fields

Name String
The label for a product/game that players see.

Providers String
Name of the provider of the game.

Product Type Array[String]
The type of game, e.g. slots, role play, etc.

Description String
Description of the product that players see.

Adjustment factor Integer
Adjusts events points value for a specific product, e.g. by multiplying the points. When a product is not in our system and a new product is sent to us via an event, it is automatically created in our system with an adjustment factor of 1, e.g. if the source value of an event is Bet 10 Euros and the adjustment factor is 1, the source value 10 will be converted to a points value of 10.

You can read more about adjustment factors in Products -> Adjustment factors or here

You can select any adjustment factor you like, and edit it, so long as the product is not in use in any tournaments.

Product ref id String
A unique internal identifier for a product.

Actions Adjustment factor Double
A specified numerical value for a specific Action selected. The Action adjustment factor overwrites the Products adjustment factor.

You can read more about Action adjustment factors in Products -> Adjustment factors, or here

You can read more about how to create Action helpers in Settings -> Action helpers, or here

You can always edit the Action adjustment factor to any preferred value, so long as the product is not in use in any tournaments.

Metadata Object
Optional client reference information in the Clients database.

Fill out all the information correctly, then press Save, to save the product.

If all the steps were correct, the Product is created in the Products section as shown in the example below. After creation, use the action buttons to Preview, Edit or Remove the product from the list.

If information is incorrect, the information bar will be highlighted in red, as in the example below.

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