Hand over the manual work and get the most out of CompetitionLabs' powerful tools and features


With our on-demand or 365 Managed Activity Services, we do the heavy lifting allowing you to focus on innovation and the customer experience. Effortlessly request mass-market or targeted Tournaments, Achievements and Missions via an easy, pain-free submission process.



Hand over the manual work

Free up your internal resources to focus on what matters - innovating and creating great content and experiences for your customers.

Get the most out of CompetitionLabs

Hit the ground running by tapping into our specialist in-house support team to run complex targeted customer engagement activity from day one, and quickly accelerate your growth.

Keep peace of mind 365 days a year

Fully managed, giving you the complete confidence that comes from the knowledge that your Tournaments, Achievements and Missions will be created by a member of the CompetionLabs' specialist support team.


We work together with you

Regular catch-ups, quarterly online 'Academy' workshops; get a practical, hands-on demonstration of our platform's powerful set of features and capabilties, and be inspired to conceive best in class customer gamification. Full support, as and when you need it, through a variety of communication channels or your personalised activity helpdesk.

Quickly roll out complex activity

We manage your activity creation; Achievements, Missions and Tournaments, no matter how complex. Full back office access gives you complete oversight and control over any acitvities we create on your behalf.

Scalable to suit your needs

Available as an on-demand 30-day rolling service or our recommended 365 Managed Activity service. A streamlined request process that is fully tracked from submission to activity creation, with transparent SLA's. Don't be limited by resources, unblock your gamification pipeline.


How can we help you innovate and create more engagement with your brand or content?

Real-time tournaments

Engage and update your users in real-time

Missions and Achievements

Reward actions and create new scoring strategies


Leverage rich in-game events to create new experiences

Real-time actions

Process big data fast and make decisions in real-time

Engagement made simple:

easy to setup and manage, providing real-time engagement with minimum interruptions for your customers

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