Interact with your customers in new ways as they play


Interact with your customers in new ways as they play, and create fairer and more engaging experiences for long term value and loyalty. Use Achievements and Missions to reward their positive actions, and allow them to grow their time with you.



Innovative engagement

Innovate and provide customers with new, fun and engaging experiences. Easily create missions and achievements from all customer and game-generated data. Develop simple or complex rules conditions, and add dependencies to better manage your rewards.

Flexible segmentation

Integrate with existing CRM systems or databases, and let marketing systems receive triggered achievements and action data so you can send messages to customers. Apply your existing CRM segments or create new ones and groups.

Automatic processes

Automatically fulfil promotional mechanics, achievements and rewards. CompetitionLabs speaks to existing fulfilment and reward APIs, enabling you to automate the process.


Build smart journeys and automate processes

Build achievement missions that surprise and engage customers for different segments or even individual customers.

Credit rewards and send messages instantaneously

Make prize fulfilment automatic and deliver the reward message as soon as it happens.

Create new scoring strategies for tournaments and competitions

Leverage the flexibility and power of the rules engine to create new kinds so scoring strategies.

Innovate with your

Leverage all of your data from website clicks, logins, transactions, to rich game events.


How can we help you innovate and create more engagement with your brand or content?

Real-time tournaments

Engage and update your users in real-time

Missions and Achievements

Reward actions and create new scoring strategies


Leverage rich in-game events to create new experiences

Real-time actions

Process big data fast and make decisions in real-time

Engagement made simple:

easy to setup and manage, providing real-time engagement with minimum interruptions for your customers

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