Create new value and act on new opportunities without disruption


Create new value and act on new opportunities without disruption. Bring your data together from all your sources, expand your existing capabilities, and create new and innovative product and service engagement. Create customer demand and boost growth through a single control point for you data.



Straightforward integration

Eliminate the complexity of integrating a new provider’s data, products or applications with different systems. Do it once and CompetitoinLabs will recognise new data automatically and make it immediately available to use.

Data Integration of any kind

Connect Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and big data services all the way to supplier in-product data connections. CompetitionLabs integrates or relays your data, no matter the size of your business, the source or target of your data, or whether it’s generated server-side or server-less.


Access rich-data events

Use any data available from games or products to create tournaments, achievements and insights.

Correlate and synchronise data

Link elements from rich-data events together from studio and platform partners without changing your integration pattern.

Expand data availability

Connect analytics tools and dashboards directly to the CompetitionLabs API to drive new insights and data availability. Monitor insights and trends in real-time.


How can we help you innovate and create more engagement with your brand or content?

Real-time tournaments

Engage and update your users in real-time

Missions and Achievements

Reward actions and create new scoring strategies


Leverage rich in-game events to create new experiences

Real-time actions

Process big data fast and make decisions in real-time

Engagement made simple:

easy to setup and manage, providing real-time engagement with minimum interruptions for your customers

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