Engage and update your users in real-time


Engage and update your users in real-time, whether you’re creating a week-long competition or multiple hourly content. Bring products together across your portfolio and gaming verticals, and run promotions in new and innovative ways.



Scoring strategies and ranking in real-time

Create simple or complex rules conditions from your data to create new types of scoring strategies and engagement tactics. Apply segmentation to members to allow highly targeted activity.

Promote your

Bring all your products together and cross promote activity on all your verticals at the same time.

No more engagement limitations

Run tournaments on any mix of products and games, and engage customers with updates in real-time.

Tournament analytics

Identify relevant information about your customers: who played, how often, and which product interested them. Gain new insights and spot trends and patterns for continuous improvement.


Schedule tournaments and rounds

Create complex and exciting tournaments, and schedule multiple events with ease.

Multiple currencies and languages

Use multiple currencies and languages in your tournaments and events.

Innovate scoring and desired customer actions

Combine all customer touch points to score and incentivise customers into desired actions.


Make prize fulfilment automatic to save time and reduce the chance of human error.


How can we help you innovate and create more engagement with your brand or content?

Real-time tournaments

Engage and update your users in real-time

Missions and Achievements

Reward actions and create new scoring strategies


Leverage rich in-game events to create new experiences

Real-time actions

Process big data fast and make decisions in real-time

Engagement made simple:

easy to setup and manage, providing real-time engagement with minimum interruptions for your customers

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