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Create real-time tournaments


Single and multi-step achievements


Any reward type; automatically credited


Rapidly create new engagement ideas

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Betsson Group
Green Jade Gaming

Expand your capabilities

Leverage existing products and easily create new experiences

Engage your customers

Build loyalty and improve retention with better experiences

Bring data together Bring data together
Bring data together Make real-time decisions
Bring data together Retain control and innovate
Bring data together Achievements and missions
Bring data together Real-time tournament engine
Bring data together Instant reward fulfillment

How can we help you innovate and create more engagement with your brand or content?

Real-time tournaments

Engage and update your users in real-time

Missions and Achievements

Reward actions and create new scoring strategies


Leverage rich in-game events to create new experiences

Real-time actions

Process big data fast and make decisions in real-time

Interactive engagement

Grow engagement and turnover together

Data insights

Empower everyone with data insights

Event processing

Event-driven architecture for agility and flexibility

Data integration

Data integration made simple

Engagement made simple:

easy to setup and manage, providing real-time engagement with minimum interruptions for your customers

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