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About CompetitionLabs

Who we are:

CompetitionLabs is an industry-leading platform for gamification transformation. CompetitionLabs uniquely combines insight into the benefits of cross-portfolio gamification with a world-class technological platform. CompetitionLabs has transformed the economics of gamification and innovation for operators, platform providers and games publishers alike since 2015.

Our Values

What we believe in:

  • The best decisions are made in real-time
  • Innovation comes from the freedom to experiment
  • Platform capacity/throughput is our problem, not yours
  • Security is the foundation, not an afterthought
  • We are part of a provider ecosystem

Our History

Starting in 2015, CompetitionLabs can trace its history back to the days of the Internet Poker boom in the mid-2000s when co-founder Julian Steinwender grew increasingly determined there had to be a better way of managing customer loyalty and incentivisation. Working with Clinton Peltonen (co-founder – business relationships), they began to develop business processes inspired by gamification techniques in several operators.

With stellar results backing up their approach, Julian and Clinton determined that the single greatest limiting factor for the adoption of gamification techniques could be summed up in a single world – Technology. For gamification techniques to be successfully applied required a combination of real-time responsiveness, measurement and ability to adapt to changing conditions – a big resource commitment for any single gaming operator.

This changed when Julian and Clinton began working with Carel Vosloo (co-founder) who suggested a crucial change in approach – rather than adapting each operator’s platform to suit gamification. It could be done as a service, reducing a multi-man-year project into a simple integration. They realised this was the birth of something entirely new – Gamification Transformation – the application of gamification techniques across not just individual games but entire portfolios.
Since the beginning, CompetitionLabs has transformed the portfolios of major Brands with the founding team completed by Rahul Patadia (co-founder – infrastructure) and Alex Bernotas (co-founder – technology integration).

Entering 2020, CompetitionLabs offers the best-in-class real-time gamification platform available in both Software as a Service and on-premises models. Contact Us today to learn how Gamification Transformation can metamorphose your business.

Join the team

Whilst we are not recruiting for specific roles at this stage, we are always looking to add talented, motivated and creative people to our team.

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