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Celebrating a ton of clients from a lot of different countries

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Celebrating a ton of clients from a lot of different countries

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Celebrating a ton of clients from a lot of different countries

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Celebrating a ton of clients from a lot of different countries

Learn more

Deliver a personalised engaging experience, in pure real-time.

  • Provide real-time engagement based on your desired action points across your entire portfolio of games and products
  • CL Captures collates and responds to user events sub-second
  • Deliver a unified experience across the board completely product agnostic
  • Use of in-game events to bring a new layer of engagement over the entire product through the use of metagames and other fun and exciting challenges.


Build engaging, responsible promotion and gamification mechanics that differentiate your brand and work across all verticals and products. Transform your interaction across the whole customer journey from onboarding to loyalty programs.


Deliver real-time experiences that extend beyond just the tournament. Provide feedback and updates on actions, scores and states for players and viewers to engage. Score, rank and boost players and teams to create new dynamic interactions.


Create compelling and rewarding experiences that aren’t just monetary rewards. Make the most of your customer engagement and create personalized experiences around the sporting events your customers follow and enjoy.

Social Games

Start leveraging all of your customer data and in-game events to create fun ‘one-off’ Achievements, Tournaments, dynamic Missions. Cast the net wider by using Achievements and Missions to take customers on a journey around your digital estate.

Plans for every business need, be it small or large contact us, and let's talk gamification.

Great place to start for small projects

Dedicated support and more features

Fully loaded package with 24/7 support

CompetitionLabs powers creativity for global brands

Its quick and easy to get started with CompetitionLabs

We’ve designed CompetitionLabs from the ground up to be one of the easiest to integrate platforms available with standard adapters and integration support available for some of the industry’s key players and a flexible architecture for plugging in your own. Available in SaaS and on premises models, CompetitionLabs also encapsulates best practice out of the box with version management, security and API first support as standard.

step 1

Using our flexible adapters you can connect Kafka, SQS, RabbitMQ quickly and easily

step 2 - create your first activity

Use our powerful visual rules engine to configure your first achievement, mission or tournament within minutes

Use our widget to show the effect of your test rules – in real time! Your product owners will love this since they can try something out without coming back every time to find a developer

step4 - share your gamification experiences with the world

Publish it on your web site – be confident that CompetitionLabs will be able to take the volume. No begging for resources from Infrastructure before going live.

Only a few simple steps to get started with CompetitionLabs, contact us for your personal demo.

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