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Happy New Year -The Year of the Gamification Rat

As the firecrackers subside and lion dances welcome a new lunar year, I need to tell you – I’m excited. 

This is the year it all happens. This is the year gamification goes big. 

According to my more superstitious friends, the Rat is uniquely suited to be the guardian sign for gamification since it matches his personality perfectly:

Industrious and thrifty Anyone who has watched a pet rat knows how curious they are, and they know good fun when they see it. The Rat gamifies his life, with little rewards and perks along the way, at the same time as diligently seeking out a more significant objective – the big cheese feature. If you’ve ever heard me talk about the allocation of rewards you’ll remember my reluctance to throw money about as incentives. Spend money, but spend it well and spend it on things that people value. This is what CompetitionLabs helps you do – work across your portfolio, add value incrementally and optimise promotional spends. 

Diligent One of the founding principles of CompetitionLabs is being able to respond to each and every customer action. I think this is something that the Rat will endorse – the ability to treat your customers as individuals, responding to their unique interaction patterns and responding appropriately with achievements and showing their progress towards rewards. Like the Rat, the CompetitionLabs engine will sniff through every morsel and crumb swiftly and make a decision of what to do with it.

Positive You can see why I’m so excited – the Rat is a positive little creature and likes to spread his outlook around. That’s what gamification is all about – positive experiences and positive behaviours. This is the year to go past the spin (although anyone with a pet Rat can tell you how much they love a spin in a wheel) and giving someone a positive experiences irrespective of the result of a single transaction.

And that’s why I’m excited. This year every cent counts. This year every event counts.

This year every smile matters

This is the year of the Rat

This is the year of Gamification

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