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Our real-time decision engine and promotion system lets you quickly create, test, and implement powerful engaging experiences your customers engage with.  Increase customer engagement and grow their value with CompetitionLabs.


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CompetitionLabs unlocks the power of real-time data.


Being innovative is easy

Create, test and rollout innovative promotions and loyalty ideas in minutes. Use any type of data to easily create new ways to engage customers more often.

Make decisions at the business level

Make decisions at the business level

Empower your marketing team to be in full control without requiring a tech team for every new idea. CompetitionLabs lets you create new types of engagement without needing to write any code.


See an opportunity and take action

No longer will opportunities to engage customers pass you by.   CompetitionLabs makes your ideas live in just a couple of minutes, letting you take action immediately.

See an opportunity and take action

Customers are happiest when they are engaged


Give customers promotions they love

Create unlimited real-time promotions, achievements, and rewards in minutes.


Give your brand the power to do more

Integrate your whole data stream into CompetitionLabs to unlock the power of your brand.

We've rethought how engagement should be: easy to setup, easy to manage, no disruption and providing real-time engagement for your customers.

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