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ICE and wish lists for 2020 and beyond

Hard off the back of ICE is budgeting season for many of us. I know the agony of walking around and looking at all the new ideas and knowing I can’t have ALL of them!

Before we started CompetitionLabs it was the same cycle every year. Get excited. Look at what was in the budget. Compromise with a fraction of what I wanted. Get jealous of a competitor who picked different compromises. Rinse and repeat.

So, what do I wish for now? When I get inspired now, I go log in to CompetitionLabs and try it out – a new games mechanism, a new scoring scheme, a new achievement. Adjust a few things. See if it works. It’s like a genie that keeps granting wishes every time I rub the magic lantern.

The CompetitionLabs engine integrates with any real-time data source and lets me, as a product manager, compose my own rules and notifications, letting me innovate without needing to keep going back cap in hand to the CFO or CTO for more development resources. I can blend in my existing segmentation data or use real-time behaviours to create new segments.

What should you wish for this year? If your CFO is only giving you one wish, I’d be wishing for more wishes with CompetitionLabs.

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