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ICE Inspired? So am I!

Three days of the neon blaze, dodgy air conditioning and a blizzard of information and the urge to crawl under a blanket and wait for the room to stop spinning is almost overwhelming.

I want to share my three essential takeaways from this year first:

  1. The words spread – the year of gamification is upon us – it isn’t just me saying so
  2. E-Sports is now undeniably “a thing” which makes me feel dangerously middle-aged
  3. The opening up of the US and tightening of Europe is a major tectonic shift that was visible through subtle but profound changes from regulator presence to product mixes

The world has changed.

Does this change anything in the CompetitionLabs product strategy? Definitely! What would be the point of going to ICE otherwise? With Gamification programmes popping up everywhere we’ll be investing heavily in our API to make it even easier to integrate CompetitionLabs.

Existing product features such as our scalable Leaderboards and Tournaments fit well with e-sports, and we’ll be looking to showcase their advantages. Our visual Rules Engine has always made it easy for business users to make changes on the fly – we’ll be adding additional jurisdictional awareness features to simplify life for customers.

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