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Scaling Apps

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Customize journeys

Every user is unique! Easily create best-practice or custom journeys to match your brand’s engagement and gamification strategy.


Change the rules

CompetitionLabs enables you to change, update and test the rules that power gamification transformation without breaking the existing experience and processes you have in place, and without writing any code.


Setup in minutes

Set up in minutes, or schedule for the future. Create single or multi-round
automated tournaments to run hourly, weekly or monthly activity for custom user segments or everyone.


Create Activity

Create engaging journeys for people to follow. Create dynamic missions
around specific tasks, events or promotion. Link together with tournament
or loyalty programs to transform interaction across other engagement


COMPETITION LABS is committed to protecting your privacy and will make reasonable efforts to provide you a safe and secure user experience. We aim to make our privacy policy easy to read so you that you understand our online data collection practices and usage policies for (the “Site” and any “Services”). Please note that your use of the Site and any of our Services is subject to our Terms of Service which you may access at the bottom of our homepage. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are integral to your use of our Site, therefore you must agree to both agreements before using our Site or any of our Services.


The Privacy Policy applies to all information you provide to COMPETITION LABS through the Site. If you have submitted information to any third parties through our Site and Service, we cannot be responsible for any information collected by those third parties.


We generally collect two types of information—personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information is any information that can be used to specifically identify you as an individual. For example, you may submit and we may collect your name, email address, address, phone number, or similar information through the Site. Non- personally identifiable information consists of information that does not specifically identify you. The following sections describe how we collect and use your personally identifiable information and non- personally identifiable information.

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