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What is an Achievement in CompetitionLabs? 

An Achievement in CompetitionLabs is something accomplished by a user using data from your event stream. An accomplishment may be in a contest or competition, but can also be triggered automatically as a user interacts with your products or services.

Achievements are fully configurable and updatable and can have visual icons applied to them. You can use your event data to create specific achievements, e.g. 100 logins, a first-time social share, the first win of the day, or a 500th playing action.

Achievements section

The Achievements section has two options – List of Achievements and Widgets.


The Achievements List Section includes lists of Live, Draft and Archived Achievements. The upload icon enables you to create new Achievements.

Navigation tutorial   /   Creation tutorial


You can pre-create Achievement missions in the Widgets Section. Missions link a number of Achievements into an overall Achievement that will be displayed in your widget.

Creation tutorial

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