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To create an Achievement Widgets, navigate to Achievements → Widgets, click Create Widget (top right in the screenshot). A secondary window appears, allowing you to create the Widget.

Fill in the information for the Widget you want to create.


Theme Object

You can select pre-created visual themes for specific games and Achievements.

Name String

Name of the widget for reference.

Achievements Array[String]

Add pre-created Achievements to the list. Live or Draft Achievements can be added to the list, but only Live ones will be displayed in the front end. When Achievements are added to the list, they get their own number in the list. They can be dragged and dropped for your reference.

Tutorial of an achievement creation can be found in Achievements -> Achievement creation tutorial, or here

Achievement Category Array[String]

Created Achievements can be added to a category in the Category section, and it is possible to add a group of Achievements with a common category.

Tutorial of an achievement category creation can be found in Achievements -> Achievement creation tutorial -> Step 4: Achievement dependent on, or here

Click Save Widget to save the widget. Extra information will be displayed for reference purposes.


We also have a public API section for the widget.

The following API endpoints are used to check the information about the widgets:

Get a list of available widgets GET api/v1/:space/widget
Preview a specific widget GET api/v1/:space/widget/:widgetId
Preview the achievements that are in the widget GET api/v1/:space/widget/preview/:widgetId
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