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In this section, you can track all the activities or events that members participated in a specific period of time.

To check Events history for the past 7 days in 1-hour intervals, go to Insights → Event History in the CompetitionLabs platform.

Displayed parameters

Member Name String

The member Name displayed on the front end.

Member Ref Id String

A unique member reference id.

Member Id String

A unique member id. The member Id remains in the logs even if the member is deleted.

Entity String

The product’s Name from which a member got an event.

Entity Id String

A unique products id.

Transaction Time TimeDate

Time and date that shows when the event was actioned. All times are stored in UTC time.

Action String

The name of an action that a member actioned, e.g. a win, bet, spin, deposit, etc.

Available From DateTime

You can pre-create an Achievement that will start issuing at a specific time. Using our gateway API and querying queuing by time, achievements will only be shown to players when the specified time arrives.

Source Value Long

The value a member sends to the system, dependent on the Units of Measure.

Points Long

The value a member receives that is counted for any event, depending on the product’s adjustment factors. If the Product’s adjustment factor is set to 2, then the points value will be multiplied by 2.

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