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This tutorial explains the icons, buttons and quick bars used to create a Competition with a Contest. The navigation bar below enables you to quickly navigate back and forth in the creation process.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar that is shown below can be used as a quick navigation tool for going through steps.

As shown in the example above, you need to complete each step, shown by a tick before moving to the next step. You can then go back to and edit ticked steps.

Icon action buttons

Competition creation guide icon buttons shown in the screenshot below are:

  • Next – takes you to the next step in competition creation.
  • Previous – takes you back to the previous step.
  • Finish – lets you finish and create the Competition. You can only press Finish when all the steps are complete.
  • Confirm – appears after you click Finish. Competitions cannot be changed once Confirmed.
  •   Close – allows you to cancel the creation.
  • Delete – deletes created Metadata, removing information without notice.

Reward section Icon action buttons

The icon buttons below are used in Step 4: Reward creation guide.

  • Reward details – lets you preview what kind of reward is created.
  • Edit – lets you edit the Reward.
  • Deletelets you delete a Reward.
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