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What is a Competition in CompetitionLabs?

A Competition is a collection of Contests or Tournament in which players can participate. To compete, a player needs to earn points, and top-ranked players receiving rewards or prizes. Competitions can include as many or as few Contests and rounds as required. Contests can be configured to enable players to progress through multiple rounds.

What is a Contest in CompetitionLabs?

A Contest in CompetitionLabs is a single promotion. A Contest can take many forms, such as Leaderboard Rankings, Leagues, Points targets, Achievements, Objectives, and Events.


You can choose from a great variety of different Competition formats, all without coding on your end.

Competitions you can create with CompetitionLabs include:

  • Multiple time-based competitions with configurable start and end times
  • Single contest and multi-contest competitions with various Scoring types (High-score, best rounds, etc.)
  • Monthly retention promotions, in which participants compete in weekly challenges.

You can track performance for individual contests as well as for a whole competition (e.g. a weekly contest that runs for a season.)


Examples of Contest Types that you can set up and run with CompetitionLabs:
  • Progressive points race / Leaderboard Ranking:  All participants compete for a set period, accumulating as many points as possible
  • Fixed target points chase: Participants accumulate points against a fixed target
  • Objectives / Achievements: Participants achieve specific product events objectives, e.g. Placed first bet; Finished in the top 10.

Competitions section

The Competitions section in the CompetitionLabs application has five sub-menus.

+ New Competition

Here you can create a new Competition or clone an existing one. Cloning a competition will clone its contests as well.


All newly created Competitions, Competitions with Contests, and cloned Competitions that are in Ready state are shown here. Ready means that competitions can be displayed to players, and indicates that competition will start, and that participation will be possible when it starts.


Here you will find all Competitions that were automatically or manually started and are in an Active state. This means that they are Live, running and the leaderboard is calculating.


This field stores all cancelled competitions. All competitions in Ready, Active or Finished states can be cancelled and moved to the Cancelled section.


When Competitions and Contests are finalized and finished, they are moved to the Finished sub-menu.

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