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Step 1: Transformer creation

Press Add Transformer to get a new pop-up window where you fill in the new transformer label, as shown in the example below.

Transformer creation fields

Name String
The label of the transformer.

Press Save to create the transformer.

If all steps were correct, the Transformer will be created in the Settings → Transformers, as shown in the example. After creation, you can Edit the transformer, and its code, or Delete it from the list.

Step 2: Writing code for the transformer

To write your transformer’s code, press Code edit for a new pop-up window where you enter your code, as shown in the example.

Step 3: Webhook creation

Now navigate to Webhooks and press Add Webhook. A new pop-up window appears where you enter the new Webhook information, as shown in the example.

Fill out all the information, then in the Transformer field, select a Webhook Transformer. If all the information was filled out correctly, press Save to create the Webhook.

You can read more about the Webhook creation fields at Settings -> Webhooks -> Webhook Creation, or here.

Step 4: Testing if the Webhooks are triggering

Please note that depending on your Webhook, the tests are different for Achievement reward issuing, Product action creation, etc. Please test according to your Webhook.

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