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Once you have created an Achievement, it is shown as in the example.

What can you do with a created Achievement?

Once an Achievement is created, you can still change or edit it, as long as it is in Draft state.

Please note that you can edit the Achievement as long as it is in Draft state


The CompetitionLabs App has a Copy function, which makes an identical copy of any Achievement.

  1. A copied achievement will have Copy after the Name in Step 1: Settings
  2. The Achievements available at a particular date and time in Step 2: Scheduling, will change to the date and time of the copy, as you cannot create an Achievement in the past.

Deleting an Achievement places it in the Archive section. You cannot erase an Achievement from the system, so you can always access previously created Achievements.


Accessing a created Achievement shows:

  1. How many times the achievement was issued
  2. Which member received the achievement
  3. When it was issued
  4. Achievements activity
  5. The rules for issuing the achievement.

These functions can also be accessed via API. You can read more about API resources for Achievements here.

Basic Achievement APP API resources
GET /api/:space/achievements

GET /api/:space/achievements/:id

POST /api/:space/achievements

PUT /api/:space/achievements/:id

DELETE /api/:space/achievements/:id

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