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This is the first page you land on when you press the Create action button to start creating the Achievement. Fill out the Achievements Name, State and Description. Some fields are mandatory some are optional. The tutorial will provide all the necessary information for filling out all the achievements creation fields. The Settings section consists the basic information about the achievements state, visual display icon, name, description and status.

You can check more about the achievements model in our API documentation Achievements.



» Status Enum: Draft, Live


The status of the Achievement.
  • Draft – they are not shown to the public and they can be edited.
  • Live – achievements are exposed to the public and these achievements can not be edited.

An achievement in Live state cannot be edited.

» Icon String


An icon to visually display the Achievement.

Icons need to be pre-uploaded. Documentation on how to pre-upload icons can be found here.

» Name String


The name of the achievement that the player sees when he or she receives the achievement.


» Description String


The achievements description visible to players previewing an achievement.


» Initial state Enum: 1, 0


Informs the state of the achievement.
  • Revealed
  • Hidden

It can be hidden as in not shown to the user how to get the achievement or revealed.


This feature is used only for the front end implementation indicating to your developers if the achievements will be displayed or not.

APP Example:

NameWelcome back
DescriptionDaily login
Initial stateRevealed

API Example:

    "jsonClass": "Achievement",
    "achievementLiveStatus": "Draft",
    "icon": "07PbzGUBOmEkXOJnaWOs",
    "name": "Welcome back",
    "description": "Daily login",
    "initialState": 0,

The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Achievement can be found in the Achievements APP API documentation here.

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