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Contest Rewards let you trigger a Reward for players based on their leaderboard rank. Rewards can only be created within a Contest. Setting a Reward is optional. You can create multiple rewards in a Contest. 

To create a Reward, click Add and fill out the rewards information as in the screen example. 

To create a reward that will be issued to a player, you need to fill in the details. A player sees the reward Name and Description when they receive the reward. Other information like Rank, Value, Expires in, etc. configures the Reward.

REWARD fields


» Name String


The Name of the Reward which is visible to the player via the front end.
» Rank Double


A specific position or list of positions that will be used to reward players, based on their position in the leaderboard.
» Value Double


A Reward value, e.g. if the Reward is 5 free spins, then you enter 5 as the value.
» Type String


Select a reward type that you pre-created. Reward types are used for categorization and automation.


Reward types can be created in Settings → Reward Types. Read more about how to create Reward types here.

» Description String


The description of the Reward, seen by the player via the front end.


» Expires In Integer


The number of minutes until a reward will expire after it is issued. You can use this to configure time-limited Rewards that are displayed to players.


» Expires on a specific date DateTime


Date and time after which a reward will not be issued.


Please note that Expires In and Expires on a specific date cannot both be selected together.

» Acknowledgement to issue required Boolean


Specify if the Reward is issued immediately/automatically, or if it must be claimed manually.


You can build a front-end experience for customers to claim Rewards using the Public API. See Claim Member Award by Reference ID POST api/v1/:space/members/reference/:memberRefId/award/:awardId/award

» Metadata Array[Object]


Optional information for your back-end systems.


APP Example:

NameFree Spin
DescriptionYou get 1 Free spin!
Expires inN/A
Expires on a specific dateN/A
Acknowledgement to
issue required
Metadata: KeyLogin
Metadata: Value1

API Example:

  "rewards": [
    "jsonClass": "Reward",
    "entityId": "IucyuWwBNwtlnqmJLNbJ",
    "rewardRank": [
    "rewardName": "Free spin!",
    "value": 1.0,
    "rewardType": "FsjwdGsBmxo4zyGh_nsK",
    "description": "You get 1 free spin if you win!",
    "delay": 0,
    "memberAcknowledgmentRequired": false,
    "metadata": [
       "jsonClass": "Metadata",
       "key": "Win",
       "value": "1"
    "accountId": "E8jwdGsBmxo4zyGh9Hs7",
    "pointInTime": "2019-08-22T11:59:29.581+00:00",
    "period": 0,
    "created": "2019-08-22T11:59:29.586+00:00",
    "id": "YwsyuWwBCyJvIjn8L7Yy",
    "translations": {},
       "translatableFields": [
    "rewardTypeObject": {
        "jsonClass": "RewardType",
        "name": "Badge",
        "key": "badge",
        "description": "",
        "accountId": "E8jwdGsBmxo4zyGh9Hs7",
        "system": true,
        "metadata": [],
        "created": "2019-06-20T12:51:19.178+00:00",
        "id": "FsjwdGsBmxo4zyGh_nsK"

The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Contest can be found in the Contest APP API documentation here

CONTINUE – Click Save to create the Reward in the Contest.

The example below shows a created Reward.

You can then use the action buttons:

  • Reward details – lets you preview what kind of reward is created.
  • Edit – lets you edit the Reward.
  • Delete – lets you delete a Reward.

PREVIOUS – Click Previous and go back to the previous step.

CONTINUE – Click Next and continue to the next step.

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