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This is the first step to create a new Contest. Some fields are mandatory some are optional. You can check more about the Contests model in our API documentation Contests.



» Name String


The Name of the Contest. The sample Javascript for the CompetitionLabs leaderboard shows this name.
» Description String


The description of the Contest that can be used to explain the Contest to players.
» Scoring strategy Enum


Scoring strategies are used for the leaderboard to populate the leaderboard depending on what kind of competition you want to run. The basic one is “The sum of all the points a player scores during the contest (Cumulative)” – in short all the points of the participants will be summed up and populated in the leaderboard.


Tips and tricks and more information about scoring strategy possibilities can be read here

» Ranking Model


The Ranking can be from the smallest score to the biggest or the other way around. You can also make the ranking of the participants that have the same amount of points to be in the same rank or different rank depending on the time they sent the last event.


NOTE! Some ranking strategies can not be True at the same time. Scores in descending order AND Time in descending order have to be the opposite that means one of them has to be True the other one False. The same applies to Ignore Time AND Ignore Score.

Ranking strategies are already pre selected to work as they should be.  Modifying the Ranking will impact your leaderboard – please test before using it differently.

» Metadata Array[Object]


Used for storing information relevant to your backend systems.


APP Example:

NameSummer Contest!
DescriptionA contest to commemorate the end of summer!
Scoring strategyThe sum of all the points a player scores during the contest (Cumulative)
Ranking: Scores ranking orderDescending
Ranking: Time ranking orderAscending
Ranking: Rank order byScore first
Ranking: Discard time when rankingNo
Ranking: Discard score when rankingNo
Metadata: KeySummer
Metadata: Value2

API Example:

    "jsonClass": "Contest",
    "label": "Summer Contest",
    "description": "A contest to commemorate the end of summer!",
    "metadata": [
            "jsonClass": "Metadata",
                "key": "Summer",
                "value": "2"

     "strategies": {
         "jsonClass": "Strategies",
         "strategyType": "TotalCumulative",
         "rankingStrategy": {
             "jsonClass": "RankingStrategy",
             "scoreDesc": true,
             "timeDesc": false,
             "scoreFirst": true,
             "ignoreTime": false,
             "ignoreScore": false
         "scoringStrategy": {
             "jsonClass": "ScoringStrategy",
             "limitUpdatesTo": 0,
             "sumBestXOf": 0,
             "lastUpdateTimeStamp": 0,
             "recordTimeWhenSumReaches": 0.0


The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Contest can be found in the Contest APP API documentation here

If any mandatory fields are missing, the field is shown in red as in the example below.

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