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This is the first page you land on when you press the New Competition – Advanced button, to start creating a Competition. Fill in the Competition’s Name, Availability, and Description. Some fields are mandatory, others are optional. 

This tutorial will guide you in filling in the Competition creation fields.

You can read more about the Competitions model in our API documentation Competitions



» Name String


The Name of the competition that is exposed on the front end.
» Availability from Date/Time


Select the date (day/month/year) and time (hour: minute) when the competition will start in UTC.
» Availability until DateTime


Select the date (day/month/year) and time (hour: minute) when the competition will end in UTC.*


The End date/time of the competition must be at least 1 hour after the Start date/time.

» Container duration 


The automatically calculated and implemented the time duration of a Competition (the ‘container’).


» Description String


A competition description that is visible to players.


» Metadata Array[Object]


Optional information you can store for reference.


APP Example:

NameSummer End Competition
Availability from01/09/2019, 12:00 UTC
Availability until01/09/2019, 14:00 UTC
Container duration0days 2hours 0minutes
DescriptionA competition to commemorate the end of summer!
Metadata: KeySummer
Metadata: Value1

API Example:

    "jsonClass": "Competition",
    "label": "Summer End Competition",
    "autoStart": true,
    "autoStartRetryInterval": 1000,
    "autoStop": true,
    "autoStopRetryInterval": 1000,
    "scheduledDates": {
        "jsonClass": "StartEndDate",
        "start": "2019-09-01T12:00:00.000+00:00",
        "end": "2019-09-01T14:00:00.000+00:00"
    "actualDates": {
        "jsonClass": "StartEndDate"

    "description": "Demo Fruits slot product",
    "metadata": [

        "jsonClass": "Metadata",
            "key": "Summer",
            "value": "1"

The API example provides only a simplified version of the POST body. A full example of POST Competition can be found in the Competitions APP API documentation here

If any mandatory fields are missing, the field is shown in red, as in the example below.

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